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Motion Graphics

Posted in Edutainment/Infocation, MA Digital Media Arts by scannermobgravatar on February 7, 2010

Here are some great examples of artwork produced by designers and artists using a variety of software and interfaces. The smashingmagazine article this is from also has some fantastic tutorials included.

Original article

Lights on by thesystemis

Interpol – Rest My Chemistry Video by Aaron Koblin

Amoeba Dance


Beyond the Empire

Posted in MA Digital Media Arts by scannermobgravatar on January 13, 2010

With the concept of my pyramid changing (possible title Aurum Obelisk) I have opened it up to new possibilities.

One of these is to incorporate a reiteration of Warhol’s Empire into the piece. My idea was to record footage of my mini-pyramid displaying the price of gold, then edit this to closely resemble Warhol’s iconic film (of the iconic monument to capitalism) and to exhibit this by playing it on the iPhone inside my mini-pyramid. A little bit confusing, but I like this idea, not only would it be a bit more challenging, but it also opens up the meaning and symbolism of the concept, hopefully without watering it down.